Cherry River was born in our kitchen among toddler toys, adult cartoons, and box wine.


After getting injured while Active Duty military, Scott started using full spectrum CBD oil to help his chronic pain. After a year, he found himself no longer using his prescribed narcotics, using instead CBD capsules and a muscle gel.

In December 2017 we started making bath bombs as holiday gifts for friends and family. Thinking it would be a fun way to create art together and give quirky gifts to those we love, we didn’t expect the incredibly positive impact CBD bath bombs would have on those same peoples health and livelihoods.


And so what started as a way to share a love of crafting has turned in to a way to give people amazing bath and beauty products, all of which are infused with full spectrum hemp oil processed on our family’s farm.


From seed to store, we use the highest quality product and promise our customers a luxurious experience.