DIY CBD Mango Aloe Sanitizer

Looking for a quick way to DIY your own sanitizer (rather than brave the store)? We can help. While there is no substitution for washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds, we have a simple recipe you can make to keep your hands moisturized and clean in-between washing.

What you’ll need:

How to mix:

Add 3 TBSP of aloe to a clean glass bowl.
Add 1 TBSP of isopropyl alcohol.
Add 1 tsp baobab oil.
Add 5 drops of the essential oil blend.
Mix well for approximately 30 seconds.

You can download our video tutorial here.

I’ll stress again: this is NOT a substitute for washing your hands. While we’ve added alcohol to our aloe, it does not meet the 60% alcohol requirement from the CDC to qualify as a sanitizer — it does, however, have cleansing properties, and can keep your hands moisturized in-between hand washing. It can also be bottled and kept in purses or diaper bags for when washing hands isn’t easily accessible.