Why Cherry River?

My mom first taught me how to bake a pie when I was all of 5 or 6 years old. My mom was famous for her homemade pie crusts, and she took the time to teach me the tricks of baking. As I grew older, I found joy in the duality of precision and creativity that is found in baking – it was this duality that continues to serve me today as I formulate bath and skincare recipes for Cherry River CBD.

Cherry River is a cannabis beauty company like no other. Formed someone with a love of numbers and someone with a love of art, Scott and I have focused on creating quality products all consumers love to add to their daily skincare routine. Our partnership brings the technical background I have in baking and combines with Scott’s love of pairing scents, colors, and artistic designs.

We go one step further in promising full-spectrum CBD oil in all our products that is grown on our cousin’s farm in Woodburn, OR. A GAP- and GMP-certified farm, our farm direct relationship means we can take you to the soil where we grew, harvested, and extracted the oil we put into the products we make for you.

The farm direction relationship we have also comes with a promise to our customers to make CBD an affordable and accessible option to all. Our products cost, in some instances, 2-3 times less than our direct competitors. This isn’t because we use subpar ingredients, fillers, or hemp oil. Instead, it’s because we made one of the core missions when we first started building our company to do what we can to make CBD accessible to those who haven’t been able to use it thus far due to pricing.

Cherry River’s unique perspective in creating our skincare and cannabis products, our farm, our processing, our education, our passion, and our pricing are all with a customer-first mindset. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.