Cherry River was started as an idea for holiday gifts for family and friends. We thought it would be a fun way to create art together, while giving quirky gifts to those we love.

What we didn’t expect was the incredibly positive impact CBD bath bombs would have on their health and livelihood.

And so, Cherry River was born in our kitchen, surrounded by toddler toys while watching Bob’s Burgers and drinking boxed wine.

Our first goal is to give people an amazing bath and beauty experience. Adding CBD oil to our handcrafted bath bombs helps with muscle aches and pains, joint inflammation, and skin rejuvenation. Our lotion can help with skin repair and flexibility, and our muscle gel provides deep and therapeutic relief in topical form.

We decided to offer capsules at the request of our customers, to give internal relief as well as external.

We now spend our evenings making bath bombs, creating art in scent and color, and finding ways we can help our customers live their most comfortable lives.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.


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